Groom Beard Oil


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Groom Beard Oil Nourishes the beard and hydrates the skin underneath. A delicately chosen blend of vegetable oils that will soften the beard, leaving a bright and fresh sensation. Its moisturizing action will help prevent dandruff and relieve itchiness caused by dry skin. Original Fragrance: aromas of pine and cedar wood, bergamot and a touch of lavender.¿ Tobacco Fragrance: aromas of tobacco leaves, sandalwood and a subtle touch of spices. Usage : Put a few drops in the hand, spread evenly on both palms and apply to dry, clean beard, massaging all the way to the skin. Ingredients : A careful blend of light, fast-absorbing oils that combine nutritious, moisturizing, softening and antioxydant properties. Argan oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, macadamia oil, hempseed oil, essentials oils. Amber-glass 30ml bottle with integrated dropper.

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