Groom Shaving Oil Original


$ 15.64 

Shaving Oil For extra comfort during shaving, our blend of vegetable oils will provide added protection against shaving-induced irritation, dryness, cuts and ingrown hair while nourishing your skin. It is also useful to help shaving small area with precision, such as cleaning the beard line on the cheeks and neck. Light fragrance of pine, sage and vetiver. Usage : Rinse clean skin with warm water and spread evenly a few drops of oil. Massage for a few second and apply shaving cream if using one. Proceed as usual with a good-quality razor and ¿nish off with our aftershave. Ingredients : A well-balanced blend of rich, moisturizing, lubricating and regenerating oils that will create a layer of protection between skin and razor. Castor oil, sun¿ower oil, jojoba oil, hempseed oil, essential oils. Amber-glass 50ml bottle with integrated dropper.

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