Groom Moustache Wax


$ 13.80 

Moustache Wax Our unique and long-re¿ned formula provides the much sought-after qualities of a premium-grade moustache wax: pliability, ease of application and exceptional hold. Also contains nourishing and moisturizing ingredients. Light scent of pine and beeswax. Usage : Using the top of ¿ngernail or the corner of a comb, dig out a small lump of wax. Heat it up by rubbing between fore¿nger and thumb, then apply to the moustache for styling the tips, or on the whole length using a ¿ne-toothed comb. Ingredients : A formula calibrated to perfection as to offer exceptional hold and comfortable application. Beeswax, shea butter, pine resin, argan oil, castor oil. 15ml metal tin.

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