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2007 born in a small boutique in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, domestic and imported multibrand distributor, in 2009 it was decided to design, make and market their own clothing, and with the experience of domestic and imported brands market. In 2010 born the Exclusive Signature icker SEA, with several updates to its credit is reached icker SEA WEAR (2013), it is always looking for the body of man look sexy daring but without falling into vulgar or distasteful, the garments are designed with fabrics of the highest quality (resistant to chlorine pools and V rays Swimsuits) and each stitch seam (Craft) that makes your garment thus achieving to offer a Guarantee 100% Satisfaction defects clothing and fabrics cared. . The fabrics are of the highest quality either export quality national and imported. It is designed from the packaging that is completely environmentally friendly and re-usable to save what more you need on that vacation or special night. This and many details that make icker SEA WEAR, is by far your best choice for that holiday or special night Mission The primary mission of the firm is designing and creating high quality garments and more detail, same as you will transmit comfort, support, safety, eroticism and sensuality that you and / or your partner need on that vacation or special night .

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